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Please follow these instructions Very Carefully.

Select the style, color, size and click to add to your shopping cart. VERY IMPORTANT: If you want to go BACK to view the shirts and options again, DO NOT CLICK ON THE CATEGORY LIST or Quick Links as this will take you out of your company store. Instead, use your BACK ARROW in the browser tool bar at the very top left of the page or click on one of the sub categories Mens or Ladies above the Welcome message in order to go back and forth from your shopping cart to the styles, etc.

1. Under Billing: put Your Name, Company name , and Address

2. Under Shipping: Your name,Peoples FCU name, and Peoples ADDRESS;
For example: Mary Smith, Peoples FCU, 7200 Hillside, Amarillo, Tx. 79109.

3. Shipping charges will be billed to your credit union.

4. Payment Information:Choose "Purchase order", your company will be billed.

5. IMPORTANT: Your HR Dept. has requested that you forward to them a copy of your order confirmation email from ShirtSmart. This is necessary to set up your payroll deduction. Forward to:

If you have any questions regarding your order, email or call:

Again, please do not click on the "category" buttons in the Blue Bar at the top of this page or the home button as this will take you out of your "store" and into our main website.